NineSpiral (ninespiral) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 23:54 thanks @oneAngC for adding the letter l to my geekiness. :)
  • 00:03 Canadian PM/Zionist hardliner Stephen Harper compares #NDP Libby Davies to terrorist groups - #israel #palestine
  • 00:13 RT @ Labour organizers criticize lack of cooperation from #Toronto police as they try to organize #g20 march, #cbcg
  • 05:36 is wishing that Thierry Henry of #france had never made that handball stopping #Ireland from qualifying for the #worldcup #soccer #football
  • 05:38 Henry's handball robbed #soccer fans of a team actually worth watching, 'cause #france certainly aren't this time - they look like strangers
  • 05:46 @oneAngC told you about this one earlier :D so hilarious.
  • 05:47 @AppleBisque how have you been? haven't talked 2 u in a while...miss ya! would love 2 have u over sometime - sean 2 if he's up for it
  • 05:55 awesome! a Noam #Chomsky 24/7 online radio station. He's not infallible, no one is, but he's ALWAYS worth hearing.
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